How to write a job description to fill any position

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How to write a job description to fill any position
In today’s competitive job market, accurate and well-written job requirements are an absolute must for any company. That will make the difference to attract only suitable candidates and find your next talent. However, defining the positions of a company is not an easy task.
For this reason Workee has provided you with all the key points that put an effective job description together. In this article we go beyond, showing you how to clearly and thoroughly fill in our ready-to-use form before posting a job offer on Workee.

1.Name of the position

Here you should indicate precisely the title of the position. Don’t overcomplicate things, the name should be short and clear, e.g. “waiter”, “driver”, “cleaner”.


The category of the position will help job-seekers find exactly what they are looking for, so be sure to choose the one that describes your vacancy best.


Choosing the number of years of experience serves to define the professional path that the ideal candidate should have. In the article “When to consider hiring candidates without experience” we’ve covered all the benefits of hiring inexperienced personnel, and after reading it you will most likely fill in the column with “Any”!

4.Required languages

Is your restaurant located in a tourist place and all your staff must speak English? Or everyone speaks Danish in the warehouse, so Danish is a must? You can also choose “doesn’t matter” if the language is not important.


The city is specified at this point, which will also help job-seekers in your region find you.

6.Writing the job description.

And here we are, the most important part of all the vacancy form. Remember, that the vacancy description on Workee can contain a maximum of 500 symbols. So it must be practical, functional and objective.

A job description should include things like:

  • Objectives of the position: what role the employee will perform and what objectives they will have in the organization.
  • The most important tasks and responsibilities: list them in order of relevance (from most to least important). Identifying all the essential tasks and responsibilities of the new employee will form the basis of the job description and help you recognize the skills and experiences to look for in candidates.
  • Skills and characteristics that a good candidate should have – such as: organized, suitable for leading a team or able to work independently. In addition, there is a difference between “must have” and “nice to have” skills, as some competencies can be developed through professional development.
  • Other requirements and desired level of training.


What is the remuneration that corresponds to a worker? That depends on the functions that are carried out, the responsibilities that they have and the work time that they dedicate in the company. Even though this field is optional, we recommend you to include an hourly wage in your job posting, as vacancies with attractive payment conditions get more applicants.

8.Job type

Your position can be full-time or part-time. If a working week takes longer than 35 hours, then it’s a full-time job. If it takes less – it’s part-time.

9.Define a start date

The job description should specify when you want the new employee to start working. Make sure you have considered all possible scenarios before choosing between “immediate start” and “no exact date”. The unforeseen can happen, so consider the flexibility you can have with that date.


After defining the type of working day, it remains to determine at what time the new worker will carry out his activity. You should also mention the possibility of working at night and/or on weekends, as well as limitations on the enjoyment of annual vacations.

11.Additional questions

There’s one more useful field – additional questions, where you can add up to 3 questions which candidates have to answer before applying for your job. It can be anything from “Do you have a class C driving license?” to “Do you have experience making pizzas?”.

Here are more tips to create a perfect job description:

  • “Sell” the job and the company – a job-seeker needs compelling reasons to join your company. Describe the benefits and perks that come with the job.
  • Use attractive adjectives – when describing tasks, use adjectives such as “interesting” or “exciting” to provide extra information and help candidates get an idea of what awaits them.
  • Don’t put too much pressure – Long lists of tasks, requirements, and skills will only turn candidates away. We know that there are complex positions with multiple responsibilities, but try to stick to the most important ones.
  • Be positive – List job requirements in a clear, positive tone. It is common to read “candidates with less than 3 years of experience will not be considered”. Instead, flip it over and write: “Please note that having at least 3 years of experience in a similar position is very important.”

Following these guidelines, you will see that writing an effective job description and finding a perfect candidate for your vacancy has never been so easy.

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