Recruiting Students for Summer Jobs

Workee Team
Recruiting Students for Summer Jobs
Think how most of society had a hard time looking for a job before the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the roles are reversed. Today, many employers are having a hard time finding employees to hire due to temporary lay-offs or their business shutting down until restrictions have been eased. The fastest way for employers to find the people they need during this pandemic is not face-to-face but through recruiting apps, and Workee is the No.1 job app in Denmark.

Luckily, because of this, the markets have opened up many spots for students who need summer jobs. The fantastic thing about the app is that it matches you with locally qualified job seekers with the “right fit” for your company. Workee’s motto “Less is more” has streamlined our processes and made it fast, smooth, and simple to get potential candidates within a few hours.

According to, here are some of the top factors job seekers look for:

  • 68% look at salaries
  • 63% look at benefits
  • 59% look at the job location
  • 43% look at the commute time
  • 43% look at employee reviews

Many job seekers consider job location to be a top factor in their final selection. Did you know that from 2014 to 2019, there was a 2,500% increase in “jobs near me” searches? This is why Workee was created: to meet this trend and easily connect you. Whether you’re a manager of a grocery store, small café, food truck, or even a business you plan on starting, we want to deliver to you potential candidates who could help improve your business.

Thanks to the search filters and matching algorithms, you will only receive responses from job seekers who meet your requirements. It’s simple. All you need to do is post your job on or the Workee mobile app and the applications will come rolling in. And did I mention it was FREE? As you receive the applications, you will screen each one and invite them for an interview. Forget about all the waiting, emailing, or calling. The app will handle that for you.

The 21st century is a time when technology rules, which is why we find workers where many people are on their mobile phones. Did you know that 90% of job seekers use smartphones to find work because it’s convenient and faster? Well, that’s the whole reason why we made a fast mobile app for them.

The Key to Building a Strong Recruiting Plan

Some key things to remember to implement in your recruiting plan are below:

  • Support the students. This is likely their first job. Put yourself in their shoes; things that may seem second nature or common sense to you aren’t to someone who is still in or fresh out of college. Mistakes will happen, which is why you’ll be needed to provide guidance.
  • Accountability cuts both ways. When they make a mistake, give constructive feedback. Your job is to enhance their work performance, not give them ill feelings. As the old leadership saying goes, Praise in public — Criticize in private.
  • Create, build, and maintain a positive culture. You should be asking yourself if people would love to come in every day and enjoy working alongside their coworkers. The business culture you build will inspire them to do great things and stay with you for the long run.
  • Be a flexible leader for them. We’re all people, and we all have personal lives. Your employees will need a leader who understands that they may need to come in early or stay late to finish a task or project some days, and may need more guidance on an issue than someone else.
  • Feedback should be provided normally. Some leaders have flawed procedures or ways of doing things. Some people in the top leadership positions of a company or business wait until the end of summer to provide their employees with their performance reviews. The best method to keep them on the right track is to give them a couple of minutes every day. The key is to start a week or two. Then progress to every other day, then every week.
  • You should also ensure they know they can come to you for feedback and give you feedback. For example, let us say you wanted to email them instructions for what they’re expected to do within their scope of duty. You could meet with them for a couple of minutes before you both start working. This could be formal or informal and you could discuss how they could improve on their performance to ensure they’re staying on the right track.

In summary, finding the employees you need for your business can be challenging if you do it alone while juggling other tasks or deadlines. Let Workee do the work for you to allow you to focus on maintaining or improving your business.