What apps do modern Danish companies use?

Workee Team
What apps do modern Danish companies use?
From hiring staff to managing reports, running a business is a great challenge (even more so in these times). No matter your branch – HoReCa, retail, cleaning services, transport, construction, or something else – there will always be thousands of digital solutions to help you with your business.
With efficient and easy-to-use applications, you can control your business wherever you are. At Workee, we built the job marketplace that is used by thousands of Danish companies, and we were curious about what other apps our clients use to improve their productivity. Here is what they told us!
We are sure that these tools will help you in your day-to-day working life, so keep reading, and we promise you’ll find the one that meets your needs!

1. Tamigo: scheduling, absence management, performance, employee communication, HR, finance, and forecasting


Tamigo is an app which can help you plan rotas, check your shifts, and make decisions wherever you are. No matter if you are an employee or a shift planner, in HR or in Operations, you can stay on top of your work.

With the Tamigo app you can:

  • Update personal data and view employee contracts
  • Plan shifts, use templates, approve drafts, and manage shift exchanges
  • Accept or reject absence requests based on current absence balances
  • Register worked hours manually or check in/out on the app
  • Communicate directly with the whole company or specific teams
  • Track sales for department/employees and follow sales KPIs

Tamigo offers four packages depending on the needs and size of a company, starting from 305DKK. The app offers you a 30-day free trial to try the features and experience the benefits.

2. Workee App: find jobs and hire staff in Denmark


Workee is a free job and staff search app aimed at the HoReCa, cleaning, transport, and construction industries with the largest candidate database in Denmark. The search results are based on the location of candidates and let employers and jobseekers connect over mobile chat.

It provides businesses with the ability to quickly reach out to more great candidates for open positions and close the immediate need. The app provides high-turnover recruitment via a smartphone messaging app and allows finding the right workers and matching candidates to jobs to be done by location.

With the Workee app you can:

  • Create your company profile in seconds
  • Post your job for free
  • Find and shortlist the best candidates in 24 hours
  • In just one click, chat with the candidates and arrange interviews
  • Enjoy the benefits of a multi-user account, which means that you can hire together with your colleagues

Workee offers a free subscription, which allows managers to post one vacancy and have three chats a month. Also there are weekly and monthly premiums, which give unlimited access to all Workee functions for as little as 199DKK and 699DKK, respectively.

3. MobilePay MyShop: simple payments via MobilePay for your customers


The app enables you to easily manage payments in all of your stores and gives you access to a complete overview of your day-to-day transactions. Combined with the online MobilePay administration portal, MyShop gives you the simplest and most flexible payment solution. To start using the MyShop app, you only need to sign your business up to MobilePay MyShop through the administration portal.

With MobilePay MyShop you can:

  • Turn your phone into a payment terminal
  • Enable contactless mobile payments without any additional hardware
  • Request money from customers via Bluetooth or a QR code
  • See a complete overview of your sales in all stores
  • Get automatic notifications when you receive payments

You have to pay a creation fee of 999DKK when registering in MobilePay MyShop for the first time. The monthly subscription is VAT-free and the subscription per CVR is 49DKK. The monthly invoicing fee per invoice is 29DKK.

4. Planday Employee Scheduling: insight into employee activity, business overview, and time tracking


Planday specializes in helping businesses with hourly workers operate more efficiently by streamlining staff management and employee scheduling. It’s cloud-based software, which means there is no system to install. You can access everything online.

With Planday you can:

  • Get an overview of employee availability and vacation requests
  • See when employees clock in and out for a shift
  • See an overview of payroll costs, revenue compared to salary cost, and data on employee working habits

In addition:

  • For large businesses, Planday offers a team of consultants who can help set up enterprise sites

There are four packages to fit the needs of businesses of every size. These range from 19DKK per user per month for small businesses, to 33DKK per user per month for medium-sized businesses, and up to 48DKK per user per month for larger ones.

5. Pleo: automate expense reports and simplify company spending


Pleo helps forward-thinking teams buy what they need to do their jobs better. It means people feel more valued, more trusted – and free from expenses reports and paying out-of-pocket.

With Pleo you can:

  • Get instant notifications when you buy something with your Pleo card
  • Capture receipts and categorize purchases in a few seconds
  • Track and review your spending
  • Make any changes you need to your card, like blocking it or changing the PIN

Pleo has three subscription levels depending, once again, on the needs of your business. Managers can get automated expense reports and simplify company spending starting from 50DKK.

6. Revolut Business: business accounts in minutes, control of company cards, and expense management at your fingertips


Get more from your business account with powerful tools that give you total control over your finances. Spend less time on admin and more time focused on what’s important – your business. The Revolut Business mobile app is the perfect companion to the web app experience. Send and request payments, monitor transactions, and control your business finances from your mobile.

With Revolut Business you can:

  • Create multiple accounts to easily keep all your business finances organized
  • Hold, send, and receive money in over 28 currencies – always at the real (interbank) exchange rate
  • Make free and fast local and international payments within your plan allowance
  • Manage physical and virtual cards, and track your team’s spending
  • Quickly and easily submit expenses on the go – no additional software needed
  • Capture receipts and add tags and comments
  • Reduce the risk of card fraud – Revolut’s Business award-winning anti-fraud system is 7x better than the big banks at stopping card fraud

Revolut Business offers four plans, starting from a free plan for beginners and going on to a custom one, which is designed for enterprises.

These six solutions not only speed up your work considerably, but also provide endless data and valuable business information that you must know and have time to analyze in order to make decisions. That is why there are applications of all kinds that can become a great help for managers who now have the possibility of being more efficient and directing their business from the screens of their smartphones.

The time has come to start innovating and relying on technology to improve the efficiency of your company. It will surely bring you many benefits at a very low cost. Will you give it a try?