The Wait is Over: Now You Can Hire via Workee Together With Your Colleagues

Workee Team
The wait is over: now you can hire via Workee together with your colleagues
Our top requested feature has arrived – you can now invite your co-workers to help you hire with Workee. Each of them will be able to:
  • post vacancies at or on the Workee mobile apps,
  • shortlist or reject candidates,
  • search through the Workee database of jobseekers: thousands of waiters/waitresses, chefs, cleaning personnel, construction workers and many others,
  • chat directly with candidates.

At the same time, everyone in your team will see all jobs posted under your company’s name. It allows all the recruiting activity in your company to be coordinated. The new update will make it even easier and faster to find the people with the right skills.

If you would like to invite your colleagues to join you at Workee, just log in to your company profile and send an invitation to your team.

This work was partly funded by two Innobooster grants from the Innovation Fund Denmark. Innovation Fund Denmark invests in entrepreneurs, researchers and businesses that create value for Denmark and new solutions to our society’s biggest challenges – and supports the development of new knowledge and technology creating growth and employment in Denmark.