The Easiest Way to Get a Job During Denmark's Re-opening

Vera Reshetina
The Easiest Way to Get a Job During Denmark’s Re-opening
Good news! After a long and tough year, lots of companies are hiring again. As a CEO of Workee, Denmark’s fastest job app, I am personally excited to welcome back job seekers who can now find vacancies around them in the fastest and easiest way possible.
In April 2021, 525% more vacancies were posted in the Workee app than in last April, and this is only the beginning. Whether it’s full-time, part-time or seasonal, there is a job for you now.

How to create the perfect profile at Workee app

Your Workee profile is your ticket to landing your dream job! Our most successful job seekers have a comprehensive and complete profile on the Workee app. Employers actively search through registered candidates, and based on the information in your profile, you could be invited straight to the interview! Use these tips in order to create a professional impression.

  • Upload a nice profile picture. A photo says more than a thousand words and there is no second chance to make a first impression. The recruiter looking at your photo can therefore already be the first decisive factor in your chances of success.
  • Location. The Workee app shows jobs that are the closest to you, so start with choosing your location.
  • About. Describe your professional qualities which you believe are important for your dream job.
  • Add links to your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Recruiters often visit candidates’ social networks, so we recommend double-checking whether your Facebook page looks professional. You may also make it private before starting a job search.
  • Fill in your work history. As an initial step, choose the industry category you are going for. Here are the most popular sectors on Workee: chef/cook, waiter/waitress, driver/courier, cleaning and retail. Insert the name of your employer and the dates you worked there, and continue to add preceding positions you held in the past.
  • No experience to add? No worries! Just add some great skills you’ve got as well as what your dream first job looks like. You can list this in your About Me section as well.
  • Work permission and driving license are important criteria for many recruiters, so make sure that you mark them in your profile.
  • Preferred working hours. Let employers know when you are able to work. Whether you can work during day or night shifts or at weekends, mark that clearly on your Workee profile.
  • Don’t fill in your Workee profile in a hurry. Take your time to double-check and proofread your texts.
  • Don’t claim that you can speak Danish if you can’t. There are also English-speaking jobs in Workee, so you are welcome to apply only to these positions.
  • Avoid using slang language.

#1 secret of candidates who get job offers within 24 hours

According to our experience in the Danish job market, the most successful candidates are the ones who focus on vacancies for which they meet all the qualifications. Spend time carefully reviewing the jobs you’re interested in and apply only to the ones you’re highly qualified for.

Moreover, we advise you to focus on providing recruiters with the information that they’re looking for. When your application gets to a hiring manager, they’re going to crosscheck your experience and qualifications (things you did in the past) against the job description (things they want you to do in the future).

In simple words, you should match your profile with the company’s requirements. Make it impossible for recruiters to ignore you. But don’t exaggerate. Only apply for jobs you’re genuinely the right match for.

How to chat with recruiters

After you applied for the job, you can talk to recruiters directly via Workee chat and you’ll be notified if an employer pings you or responds to you. Here are some easy tips on how to write a professional message on your Workee app.

  • Your first message shouldn’t be just “Hello”. Take a second look at that job posting, make sure that it is a perfect match for your skills and then introduce yourself to this specific employer. The first message on Workee chat is your first step to being invited to an interview. Show enthusiasm and give reasons why you want to work for this company in particular. It might be a good idea to share some personal background, to humanize yourself in a way that the application format can’t.
  • Use full sentences. Whilst writing your message to hiring managers, use full and complete sentences so as to show them that you’re an ace at professional communication.
  • Proofread your messages. Here’s a little trick: Before you press the “Send” button, go back and read what you’ve written again. Don’t forget to capitalize your letters and add full stops at the ends of your sentences. Paying attention to such tiny yet important things can make a world of a difference.
  • If you don’t hear back within three days, feel free to send a follow-up message.

If you are ready to find work, the right vacancies are waiting for you. Download the Workee app for iOS or Android today and apply to jobs around you.