Workee App New Release
Brings You a New Candidate Search

Evgenia Bereziuk
Workee App New Release Brings You a New Candidate Search
The new release for Workee App 4.0.12 is here. Our mobile app, which already helps more than 850 companies to hire staff for restaurants, cafes, shops, hotels, and more, just got better!

1.Extended candidate profile.

The first important thing you will find is an extended candidate profile. Now candidates provide more detailed info about their experience – it allows you to know how long an applicant worked in different positions.

We’ve also added links to profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn. You may learn more information about your potential employee before inviting her or him to a job interview.

2. Sophisticated candidate search filter

The second feature we added is a sophisticated candidate search filter! Now you can easily search for staff for your restaurant or cafe by the years of relevant experience in this particular position, location or languages (Danish or English). If you want to narrow your search even more, you can also use additional filter options such as keyword search, work permission, and driving license.

3. New candidate profile preview

The third addition is a new candidate profile preview.

We know it’s too time-consuming for you to open each applicant’s profile in order to find out basic info about the candidate. The short profile now includes data about the applicant’s location, languages, and years of experience. Make a decision to reject or shortlist an applicant within a couple of seconds.

That’s all for now, but there is so much more to come.

We’re constantly improving Workee to make it even more time-saving and convenient. Go check it now.

Thank you and stay tuned!