Workee Releases An Update With New Features

Evgenia Bereziuk
Workee Releases An Update With New Features
Hey, babes, did you miss us? Well we did! And now we are happy to announce that we have pushed out a new version of Workee. Before we start telling you about new features, though, let us just say that we have carefully read all your messages and emails (many thanks for those!) and have analyzed your feedback – and here we are.

So, let’s go.

Location filter

Now Workee has more candidates than ever before – more than 20,000 people are registered in the application. Searching for staff is getting more complicated. So, now companies have the ability to look for employees using the location-based filter. Just choose any city and search for your perfect candidate within a radius of 2, 5, 10 or 20 kilometers.

We are expecting more happy matches!


Dear candidates, yes, we really know how annoying it is for you when companies write “Private” instead of a real company name (although, as practice shows, it can be a fancy restaurant in a city center). We also know how irritating it is when company representatives are too lazy to write a company or a job description or don’t upload the corporate logo (or upload a photo of their boss/wife/doggo instead). We know that this does not motivate you to do business with them, because you are not sure who they really are.

Now just pay attention to the green badge opposite the vacancy. It means that this company has passed the verification procedure and has received verified status.


We have bad news for some of you. “No” from a company representative more likely means «no». Even if you are really sure that you are the best candidate for a job (and we truly believe it!). Just remember that now companies have the ability to blacklist an applicant. And listen – forget about this job! Respect yourself and just move on. It’s not the only fish in the sea.

And dear companies, you are so amazing and we are really happy to have you, so please don’t forget that sometimes a person just needs a little chance. Your kindness and faith in your future employee can reveal great potential.

So, that’s all the news for now. We are continuing to work on new features and improve Workee for you. Because you are the best part of this show.