Workee Job Search App to Launch Across the Whole of Denmark

Evgenia Bereziuk
Workee Job Search App to Launch Across the Whole of Denmark
Workee by CactusSoft was launched in May 2017, in Copenhagen. Workee is a free mobile app that offers the ability to hire hotel, restaurant and retail staff in hours. It is now used by about 600 companies and more than 20,000 candidates. A year after its success in the capital, the application has now been launched throughout Denmark.

“Imagine a situation in which a barista or a waiter becomes sick just before the banquet, and the manager needs to replace them immediately,” said Vera Reshetina, co-founder of Workee. “Workee will help to fill the critical gap quickly, showing search results based on the location of candidates. The next steps: chat with them via the mobile messenger and offer the job directly from the app to the candidate that suits best.

Workee is useful for both employers and jobseekers. The app gives businesses the ability to post job vacancies anywhere and anytime in order to reach local talent. At the same time, employees looking for new jobs can use Workee to find companies hiring near them. The search results are based on the location of candidates and the app lets employers and jobseekers connect via mobile chat.


To start using Workee, an employer just needs to install the app and to fill in the fields describing the position on offer. The position will appear in the search results of thousands of people looking for that type of job opportunity. Once local jobseekers apply, managers will be able to look through their profiles, and arrange an interview with the best of them via the in-app messenger.

An employee looking for work as a waiter, chef, salesperson or delivery driver just needs to create a profile and apply for jobs directly from the app.

Pricing and availability

Workee is a free app that works on both iOS and Android.


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